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ARIA Flooring has the most comprehensive range of timber flooring across Australia. From Artesian Parquetry, European Oak, Engineered Boards, Solid Australian Hardwood timbers, Eco-friendly Bamboo, Contemporary Laminate flooring, to External Decking and Cladding.

Our beautifully designed website is full of inspiration for your home that is easy to navigate. Whether you are newly building or renovating, we have a timber to suit you, your décor and your budget.



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A family home is complete with a pet. Someone to run around with the kids during the day, and a little buddy to curl up on your lap at night. But what about how they affect your floors?

Timber floors require very little maintenance and are very easy to keep clean. They are great for people who suffer from asthma and keeping pet hair at bay is a breeze!

Timber floors are a great solution for families with pets. As you can see from our website they come in a wide range of janka hardness ratings. They are very scratch resistant and many timbers can be sealed in a finish suitable for pet owners. For more information on this, feel free to contact Jason for his expert advice.